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RCTS Identity Federation’s main goal is to facilitate and simplify shared services offer to the whole federated community, through technologies which expand the validity of an electronic ID, issued by one of the federation’s members. 


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trueFederation Policy


 The RCTS Identity Federation policy defines the federation by specifying procedures and practices, complemented with Technology Profiles which describe and regulate technologies within the federation.

The RCTS Identity Federation policy is structured in three parts

Defines the federation’s governance. 

2. Technology Profiles 

Establish technology options to connect to the federation. Currently, there are two technology profiles associated to the Federation’s policy:

3. Identity Assurance Profiles

Define the assurance level on identity claims and organizations. 

Other documents:


Service Recipients


RCTSaai federation is available to institutions connected to RCTS.


RCTS Identity Federation Member categories

  • Federation Member

Any RCTS network participant can act as Identity Provider (supplies the infrastructure to authenticate users) and/or Service Provider (supplies services to other federation members or allows access to resources).


  • External Service Provider Member

External organizations which are not connected to the RCTS network operating one or several service Providers on the Federation.


Formal connection request to RCTS Identity Federation

Please fill in the form  and send to

I’m already connected to RCTS Identity Federation and i want to register a new Service on the Federation

Fill in the form RCTS Identity Federation Service Registration Request and send to